Logos are arguably the most important part of a well designed brand. They are the first thing that a customer sees, and are needed for brand recognition. Brand Hatch believes logos should achieve 5 core values: they need to be SIMPLE, they need to be SCALABLE, they need to be MEMORABLE, they need to be VERSATILE, and lastly, they need to be RELEVANT.





Some believe that the basis of design is having skills to make something look “pretty”. At Brand Hatch we believe the basis of design is relationships. On top of understanding what designs will work well with given content and purpose, we put emphasis on getting to know our clients’ likes and dislikes. Adjectives are Brand Hatch’s best friends. How do you want your customers to feel when they see your brand? Let us know and we’ll do the rest!



This brand was developed for Lauren and Ryan Cooper, REALTORS® located in Orange County.


For over a year, Brand Hatch’s founder, Rachel Coan, has been VP of Marketing and Communications for the RSM Chamber of Commerce and currently sits on the Board of Directors. She is in charge of all Marketing, Design, and Communication for the Chamber. This is a sample of the brand she developed.


This brand was developed for Hillary Caston, a REALTOR® in Laguna Beach, California. On top of the collateral design, Brand Hatch has developed video, social media marketing plans, and email campaigns.


This brand was developed for the Avant Team, a group of REALTORS® in Irvine, California. Their main focus is reaching potential clients through direct mail, and Brand Hatch has helped them accomplish this.



website design


Brand Hatch has set up the following websites on Wild Apricot, WordPress, & Squarespace. We’re familiar with how important it is to have an online presence, and what that presence should look like. We put ourselves in the user’s shoes to ensure the websites we design are clean, simple, easy-to-use, and stay true to our clients’ brands. Beyond this, Brand Hatch knows how to get a website in front of a large audience which is important come launch day.



social media marketing


Last but not least, we have social media marketing. Social media platforms are intended to share information, not to sell, so contrary to belief, every post doesn't need a call-to-action. Brand Hatch has found that consistency is key. Having a common theme across series of posts really drives engagement because people are more likely to like, comment and share things they're familiar with. We create engaging posts and schedules for companies to launch campaigns, events, or just get their name out there.


RSM Chamber of Commerce – Rancho Family Fest 2018 Promotion

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The Coastal Property Expert – Property Promotions

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anne figueroa for rsm city council

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